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Script Frenzy 2012, week one: Inspiration, misbehaving characters, and self-sailing

Page Count: 19 pages and counting

The first week of April is coming to a close now, and I’m still pretty confident. My script is a bubbling pile of inspiration, covered in scribbles and doodles, filled with scenes that I need to re-arrange and slim down, and the beauty of it is, I don’t really mind right now. I’m having loads of fun, and just getting the plot down in all of it’s winging-it glory. I’m battling my inner editor and whacking it over the head with a stick, but I’m repressing it enough to not go back, scribble all over things and rewrite them in white-out pens over the black mass of scribbles. I know that I’ll be typing out my script and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I wrote this here and let this happen over there and left this idea off somewhere else, but that’s the fun of it. I’m just letting my pen vomit my ideas all over a page, and I regret nothing. This way of doing things is very inspiring, honestly – letting the inspiration flow and take me everywhere it wants to is getting more work done than I usually do when forcing everything into the direction I already decided. A breath of fresh air, I suppose?

That being said, I did have a few plans for my characters – but some of them are already giving me the ol’ “fuck you!” and doing something completely different. I’d had a little bit of romance planned for much later in the series I’m working on for the main character with someone who hasn’t been introduced yet, however, the chemistry between them and another character is growing with every little word I write. I don’t really mind it – it just shocks me how letting my inspiration guide me and my characters do whatever is working so far! All I did was add a little bit of dialogue to reference to the internet phenomenon most of us have probably participated in at least once before, shipping, a tiny little joke that I intended to go no where, and within a few lines, my exact thoughts were, as follows:

What have I done?! It’s sailing itself! This ship, it’s sailing itself!

Regardless of fuzzy tummy feelings, though, these silly geese have a lot longer to go before it’ll even be acceptable to give them an actual romance, and right now, they have a famous legend to encounter – the Black Dog, or rather, something based off of it. The script I’m working on is a fantasy-based setting that is based off of several different places and time periods in terms of environment, government, architecture, culture, and folklore, telling the story of a fresh-out-of-training soldier with a lot to hide, nothing to lose, and how their life changes throughout several different stories, ranging from action to drama, and essentially goes through a lot of good, a lot of bad, and a lot of plot-rich things hidden in even the most seemingly irrelevant pieces of their life when they wind up being carted off to war at the worst possible time.

As horrific as that may sound, I’m having a lot of fun with it, and the message I want to convey especially – people walking in and out of your life, lessons learned from them, etc – is something that I will admit means a lot to me. I’m enjoying the attempting action scenes, the plot development, and the character development, especially. Hopefully, when it’s done, it’ll come out to be a blend of action and plot that I can work with. It’s to be a graphic novel, webcomic (this is the most likely one), or maybe an animation if I sharpen my skills there, and I’m planning on putting as much work into this as possible. This won’t be a project that I give up on so easily.

The biggest problems I’m really facing with Script Frenzy right now are writing enough to make my hands ache (something I don’t really let get in my way too much) and falling behind in my reading, which I definitely plan on fixing this weekend. Hopefully, I can make good progress with both this month. This week’s-almost-done update being finished, I should get to working on writing a little bit before my nephew comes over for me and my mom to babysit him.

How is your script going so far if you’re participating this year, and what are you writing your script about? I’d love to hear from everyone!


Script Frenzy!

So, after getting a bit busy and bogged down during NaNo, I didn’t finish that – but I’ve got plans to tackle Scriptfrenzy this year (maybe if I do that, I’ll be able to actually work through NaNoWriMo this year too). So, since it’s beginning tomorrow, I decided to bust out the old kind-of-NaNoWriMo-2011-blog and start working on a bit for this.

I’ve never participated in Script Frenzy before this, and I’ve never written a script before, either, so it’s definitely something new and exciting in most ways. I did read up a lot on script writing and formatting one night that I was up late with nothing to do, but most of that knowledge escapes me and didn’t seem too much like my shtick when it came to the formatting. Thankfully, what I’m writing isn’t a traditional script for TV/a movie/a play/etc etc (The script will be intended for a graphic novel or web-comic), so I can just write it in a way that I like and that makes sense to me. It’s really, from the little things I’ve written to get a style down, just a simplified way of getting everything down and not wasting any time with it so I can get the story down as I like and add details later. I think it’s worth a try, and maybe it’ll actually become something if I finish the whole thing.

Another thing I’m doing that’s different from usual with it is that I don’t have nearly as much planned – I spent years writing different versions and ideas for my old novel series idea and coming up with new characters that changed everything completely for it, and every version I wrote (only one completely finished first draft, which I started in September of 2010 and finished that December) would change on it’s own, be it the characters becoming more realistic and developing differently or just a new idea for the plot throwing it off the original track causing it. So, with this new story and these new characters, I figured since I was going to be doing script frenzy anyhow, why not just wing it? I’m giving myself freedom to let my characters take this story anywhere (of course, I do have things planned, but it’s only general plot points that I really want to do and are subject to change) and the ability to just relax and start writing. A breath of fresh air, compared to how my other big idea was being written.

I think Script Frenzy will be a good thing for me – I need to get back into the groove of being productive with everything, basically just do more in general on a more regular basis. Having something enjoyable that I actually really want to do first thing in the morning will probably be a good way to get me into the productive, working mood and help me start off my day in a way that isn’t laying around watching the history channel or Mister Ed. So, what I’ll probably do is get up and work on it first thing in the mornings for the 3 pages and, if I can, later on do some more when I’m in the mood. Probably going to start up my Starbucks trips for writing again soon – always a good way to get myself down to business with my writing.

So, is anyone else reading this planning on doing Script Frenzy? If so, what type of script are you doing and what’s your writing plan to get those 100 pages in?