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5 ways blogging may help a writer

Blogging is a fairly popular thing among web-users, that’s a given – tons of us read them and most likely, even more of us write them, from blogs centered all on someone’s personal life to fiction blogs to fandom-dedicated ones and to the place that most of my attention focuses: writing blogs. I read them, and I write one myself. I enjoy it, and it helps me as a writer in more ways than one. Today, I’m going to be giving a list of not only some of the reasons why I blog, but also the reasons I think that it’s worth giving a shot.

Before I begin, however, I will say this: blogging isn’t for everyone, and it might not be ‘your thing’, but I do suggest you give it a little try if you ever have some free time and you actually feel inclined to. It might not be something you enjoy, and that’s perfectly fine. Different things work for different people, after all.

1. The ever-popular ‘writer’s platform’

One of the most popular reasons I see being mentioned in posts about blogging as a writer is to build a writer’s platform. This is, essentially, building an audience through writing your blog. The idea of this is that if you tag your posts accordingly, people interested in the subject of them will come and you’ll get people’s attention. These people are finding out that you and your writing exist, and some amount of them will be interested. By gathering an audience for your blog, you’re gathering a potential audience for your work. I believe that the writer’s platform is something that can be very useful to some, while it’s definitely not required – people have gotten by without it plenty of times before – however, for me, getting people interested (and hopefully helping them in some way while I’m at it) is something that I really want to do. Sure, it’s not going to happen over night, but even getting a small “platform” can be helpful in the end.

2. An outlet, just for you

Sometimes, you might wind up wanting to say something that you can’t convey in your work – you can write a post about it. Your opinions are your own and you can express them, and somewhere, someone else may be interested in reading them. I like to focus most of my posts on my opinions and thoughts on writing – this blog is basically an outlet for my thoughts on things, where I can organize what I think about different topics, but most of the things I post about are centered around the topic of the craft of writing. I don’t often get opportunities to outright express my thoughts *on* writing in my stories, and through posting about it, I can both organize those thoughts and clear my head of those things I want to express to the world a little bit more to focus on my stories. Not only is this blog about writing, it’s about my own thoughts on it.

3. It’s still progress

Just sitting down and beating a post out on the keyboard and from the depths of my mind is still writing, even if it’s not working on my stories, and when I’m not inspired or motivated to work on those, I still need to write. Turning to the blog not only gets me writing and is a form of practicing it, it can get my mind working and get me back into the ‘flow’ of writing when I just don’t feel like working on my projects. It’s getting writing done, even if it’s not on those, and at least it’s doing that – it’s making progress with writing. Not only does it help with “writer’s block”, a little post to get the mind working can serve as a warm-up before getting to work on those serious projects.

4. Helps with tracking your progress

Through writing a blog, you can keep records of your progress in writing, whether it’s on a project or not, if you write about that particular topic. You can basically track how much you’ve gotten done through looking back through the archives on that, which is why I not only suggest blogging about writing, but about what you’ve been getting done in terms of it – looking back at your progress can help you reflect on what you’ve been doing and see just how much you’ve -really- gotten done since a certain point in time.

5. The beauty of your readers

If you tag your posts, you’ll wind up with at least a few people reading your blog eventually. At some point, this means, they’ll most likely comment on your posts. Through communicating with your readers, not only do you get to see someone else’s opinions on your topics, they may end up giving you feedback that could, in the long run, really help you out. Not only are comments fun to read and respond to, they can be helpful, as well.

Overall, blogging is very enjoyable and quite an aid to me in terms of my writing. I definitely think it’s worth trying out for most writers, even if it turns out to not be their ‘thing’ – it’s an experience worth taking a stab at.

If you write or have written a blog that has touched base on your writing/writing in general, why, and did it/does it help you in any way, if so, how? I’d love hearing what everyone has to say!