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‘Camping’ out

I’ve made it pretty apparent that I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this summer. I’ve been writing up a storm, making new discoveries about my story and it’s characters, having a blast. But aside from this, I am, very loosely, sort of camping out a little bit during the event. Starting this week, I’ve been spending nights out on our car port, staying until a little while after sunrise, getting a good deal of my ‘daily’ writing in during the dead of the night while I’m outside, along with catching up on reading a bit, drawing a little here and there, and just messing around.

It’s ridiculous, I know, but it’s fun.

My lovie has also been on camera with me nearly the entire time I’ve been spending outside, which helps me keep distracted from any spooky noises or the fact that it’s the dead of the night quite a lot more than I’d expected it to. Writing outside – and writing with him – has been so fun, it’s definitely a lot more enjoyable than my last attempt at participating in NaNoWriMo and going by smoother than Script Frenzy, as I’ve been able to evade the inner editor and just have fun with it. Sharing my writing escapades with others – usually during wordsprints – has helped tremendously. Of course, there’s usually not much to report, but yesterday morning, I found myself tweeting again and again about the interruptions to my wordsprinting while outdoors.

Firstly, at the beginning of a sprint, I heard a loud, screeching noise from the nearby road. I looked, and saw a deer flash by and, about half a minute later, a car. I was shocked by this event, happy that the deer apparently survived, and just a little bit horrified by the loud noise of the car. Later on during that sprint, a cat wandered through my yard, catching my attention for a good bit, and I was then left to carry on with my sprinting.

Or so I thought.

As I was writing a fairly intense, emotional scene for my narrator and main character, I took a quick look to the side, to see a deer just strutting on through the yard. For some reason, this excited me – seeing a deer was awesome, even though they’re practically everywhere here. It stopped and locked eyes with me, just staring at me for a minute, so naturally, I started talking to the deer as if it were going to respond (of course, it didn’t – but it’d be awesome if it did). When it started to walk away, it looked back at me, and I realized, a bit too late, having already referred to it as Mr. Deer, that it was female.

I was interrupted once more by a pair of birds in the driveway just derping around, making a fairly odd noise at one another, but other than that, I was left to be at peace with my writing and sprinting, but this is exactly why I love spending my nights and mornings outside to write lately (aside from the fresh air and the beautiful show of fireflies if I come out early enough to catch it) – the way the animals come out and show themselves so much more in the morning. I don’t know why, but it’s always really exciting to see these animals – be it a deer, a cat, a pair of birds being silly in the driveway, or a little bird fairly close to me tweeting away.

Despite getting interrupted so often, I’ve been able to get a lot of my writing for Camp NaNoWriMo done quicker during the night/morning outside, and often, it’s felt a lot more exciting and fun than it has been when not outdoors lately.

In other words, I’m enjoying Camp NaNoWriMo even more now that I’ve been spending late-nights messing around on the carport.

It’s pretty awesome.