ROW80 Check-in: October 10th

Third check-in of the round already (I missed the first, unfortunately)! I still don’t have much to report – I’ve been doing fairly fine with my work on writing here. So far on my goals this week, I’m almost done with the one entry and have outlined two. Since I don’t have much to report yet, I’ll just talk about what the experience in general has been like so far.

The beginning of this is kind of suffering, to be honest. Getting myself to write and stay positive about it is an up-hill battle. I’ve been dealing with a lot emotionally, and the slump is really making it hard for me to write, so I really keep winding up having to make myself pick up my pen and get writing for this. I know for a fact that once I get into the system of this I will be able to enjoy it fully – it’s just a matter of keeping things running and sticking to trying to get comfortable with writing again after so long.

All in all, I have been having a lot of trouble, but I’ve been reaching my goals and getting further into the story to the point where I’m planning parts that I’m rather excited about. It’s a little hard keeping writing at the point where things haven’t picked up much steam yet, but I have to push through this development phase while I push through the “getting used to writing again” phase, so I can fully enjoy the fresher, newer parts of the story once I get in the program of things.

How is writing going for everyone, and if you’re participating, how about ROW80?


2 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in: October 10th

  1. I know how you feel about the slump, I’ve been going through a bit of the same thing the last several months, with work and illness etc leaving me with no time or energy for writing, and when I do get time, I often just end up staring blankly at my screen. I’m sure that once you get into the habit again, the words will start to flow; all it takes is a small amount every day and then hopefully you’ll be able to build up from there. Good luck :)

    • Slumps always seem like forever, especially when they last for almost months on end – it’s hard to believe they’ll ever end and that you’ll ever be able to really get back into writing again, and it makes it so easy to just give up as a whole – thank you for the encouraging comment! Good luck to you, as well! :)

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