Of wonky sleep schedules, future plans for the blog, and an art-rut

So, apparently, all of my posts on here say they’ve been posted a day after the day I really post them. That’s wonky. WordPress, y u do dis? I probably seem wacky referencing to what day it could be to anyone who sees the actual date it claims to be published on.

So, on to actual post content that no one really gives a fuck about but I’m going to do anyway, in between NaNoWriMo, cuddling a puppy, drinking coffee with brownies and giggling around with the loviebear, my sleep schedule has somehow become wonky again. According to, again referring to with a silly name, the loviebear, I’ve only been sleeping about three hours before waking up again. Of course, if I’m bored enough, I’ll pass out again within an hour or two, but if I’ve got something to do, I can stay up for a while, then repeat. It’s kind of silly but also convenient – I’ve been sleeping for three or so hours in the mornings lately, then passing out a while later and sleeping until about three PM and getting to work then. It’s kind of fun, but I just messed that up by doing that cycle in the middle of the night instead. Let’s see how that turns out.

I’ve been contemplating doing some posts about how I go about getting my short stories and novels set up, how I go through the process of everything, and how things get into place, etc with my own tips, tricks and opinions on and about writing. It just sounds like it’d be overall fun to do and maybe help at least one other person out if anyone can find this blog. I’m also thinking about doing little segments on my views on life and concepts, just for shits and giggles, to be able to go around and ramble about a concept or word for a while and categorize that into it’s own little thing.

My lovie and I are planning on watching The Exorcist together whenever we get the opportunity, and I’m kind of scared shitless. I saw a screamer that apparently had something from that movie in it years back and it had me terrified of rocking chairs for at least three years. I’m hoping to watch Rosemary’s Baby soon, too, and finally read the horror novels that we have here now that used to belong to my Granny. I swear, I find a new Stephen King novel of her’s somewhere in the house every month or two.

Still trying to shake off the laziness and get down to business on some artwork in between my daily life, (which a lot of it probably seems like it’s a waste of time and space to anyone reading this blog, but I’m leaving a lot of what I do/plan out, I swear) but I’m just not inspired to make anything worth while right now. Maybe once I finish my novel and put it down for a bit I’ll be able to muster the inspiration to draw, digi-paint, or photo-manipulate some things in the free time left in my life while I give the novel a break before I go into my first personal edit.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for things to at least doodle in my head, but I just can’t get them out. I can’t even get the inspiration to grab my sketchbook and a pencil. I really, really want to work on some character designs, especially since a lot of them are changing slightly as I revamp some of my novel and it’s characters for the last time to get to business on actually doing a draft that will become the one to be published. I really want to get down some designs for some of the female character’s outfits and design some of the characters who I was never able to really get a good design out for now.

But, nonetheless, be expecting some character sketches in my NaNo-related posts since I’m going to be trying to get out some information on the characters in some of them later this month! I’m kind of excited, since actually having a place that’s just for me, myself, and I to post things will probably motivate me to put them up more.

I’m going to try to get back in the groove of working, so I’m going to drop off the blog for a while, get a drink and a snack, and get to work on some things that I really need to get done. Hopefully I’ll be making a more useful post about writing or giving NaNoWriMo tips sometime soon. Until then, have a random bit of wonky post pulled out of my ass.


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