My first attempt at second person, but I hope it’s not *too* bad. Yet another attempt at experimenting with writing styles from last summer. As I said, a first attempt at second person, so don’t bash on me too much if it sucks ass, please? Also, the title is predictable and lame, I know, but I was paying more attention to getting this little experimental paragraph down instead of making a title and I really don’t have any ideas.

A thick, crimson liquid with an intoxicating smell of iron, invading your nostrils and giving a very, very slight taste off into your mouth. You attempt to not give in to the temptation, red as a forbidden fruit, unable to deny that there is a growing, sickening hunger spreading through your stomach as if a disease, desire running through your body as if it were a plague. You know not what to do, albeit knowing what it is you lust for more than anything else in your world. You cringe with your aching need, your body arching, twisting, and trembling with a peculiar sensation. The scent provides you with a guilty arousal, and all hesitation in your mind and heart leaves your thoughts. As you circle your piercing canines with a slick tongue, you cut your eyes and imagine the savory flavor pouring down your throat. You inwardly scoff, taking position. You now know you are a disgusting, horrific creature. Now bite.


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